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Parks Highway Igloo

Originally designed to be a hotel near Denali National Park, the building project has long since been abandoned. It had been completely boarded up for years but the doors are open for anyone willing to wander in.┬á The interior is a patchwork of framed walls and graffiti from years of neglect. It’s a landmark on the Parks Highway that you just can’t miss, or resist stopping to get a picture of.

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The Great One…

Denali - The Great One Alaska

Years ago we were on a day excursion to Denali with some friends visiting from the lower 48. The weather that morning was wonderful and the scenery on the drive to the Park left our visitors in awe. What they couldn’t see was Denali. Despite seeing lots of wildlife and incredible scenery, Denali just wasn’t being cooperative. We kept telling them, ‘she’s right there, just over that ridge, right behind the clouds… and she’s enormous!’ I think they were beginning to think it was all a hoax. But, after stopping for lunch this was the sight that greeted us as we turned to head back to Fairbanks. They were speechless! Isn’t that a gorgeous sight?

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