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A night out on the town…

And just where do you think you’re going?

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Three’s a Crowd?

Spotted this momma and baby hanging around the treeline at Chena Lakes the other day. The fellow to the right kept trying to get next to or between momma & baby… and momma wasn’t having anything to do with that. She tolerated him for a few minutes before charging at him and chasing him back to the woods. I’ve said it before, these big gangly animals may look slow, but when forced to they can flat out move.

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Afternoon Visitor…

Found these two munching away in our backyard this afternoon. After making sure I wasn’t a threat, they continued munching away on willows and grass for the next half hour or so. We’ve seen the momma before. She’s a regular visitor to our little corner of the world.

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Hide and Seek…

Moose Denali National Park
This was one of more than a dozen moose traveling together a couple of weeks ago in Denali National Park. The time between when the bluehairs tourists go home and when they close the park road is magical. You really get a sense of how the park was before people invaded. We often sit in one of the pull-off’s and just watch. We’ve seen Denali herself more in the late fall than we typically do during the summer months.

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Traffic stopper

Moose Denali National Park

We live in their world… and they know it. These fellows always have the right of way.. and at up to 1,800lbs, should be given a very wide berth. It’s not a huge problem now, but as the snow deepens we see more coming to the roadway. Be alert..

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battle weary…

bull moose denali national park

We spotted this fellow last weekend in Denali Park. All the visitors are gone, the shops are closed and about the only folks wandering around are the folks from the Park Service getting everything ready for winter. I figure Bullwinkle here is happy to have some peace and quiet after a busy summer of tourists.

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Backyard visitor…

Backyard Visitor...

There’s a reason we tell folks to mind their children and pets when they’re outside. This little bugger was grazing on the fireweed near the edge of our front lawn. When we came out of front door she charged across the lawn at us. I hated to do it but that charge earned the old girl two pellets in the derriere.

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