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Fairbanks Alaska

Although some were hoping we would see a kindler, gentler Old Man Winter this year, it seems the old boy has other plans. According to a weather genius friend, and confirmed by NOAA, we’re going to see record cold temperatures sweep across the Tanana Valley.

Bring it old man.

I could probably live without seeing the mercury slide down to negative 40 and colder. Doing anything outside at those temperatures is just not fun, and can be life threatening if you’re not prepared for it. Note: Always be prepared for it.

I well remember winters in the 80’s where temps in the 40 below range were not a once or twice a year occurrence, but an event that set in around the middle of December and lifted sometime early to mid February… sometimes as late as March. In (late) May 1985, we celebrated my birthday with four and a half feet of snow on the ground. I think it finally melted the second week of June. January of ’87 saw us grounded for a week while we waited out a 70 below cold snap at our cabin on the Yukon.

Right now the forecast is calling for lows of 20-30 below through the rest of the week, but if the clouds clear out it’s possible we’ll see 40 or 50 below. Welcome to life in the Last Frontier.

Now, where did I put that hot buttered rum recipe?


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